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Also check how to install Kodi on Roku to stream unlimited content. Setting up the Roku streaming device Just connect Roku streaming device to an HDMI port of your smart TV. It will take you through the series of steps for initial setup. And proceed with the on-screen information to create a Roku account. If you already have a Roku account, you can also use it to sign in. After completing the basic procedure, it will install some of the default apps to use. By default, Roku has some of the pre-installed channels. But these are not enough to satisfy the needs of the user. So the user tends to look for more number of channels. You can add the official channels from the Roku store.

There are lots of other third-party free channels available on Roku. To access these channels, you need to install the specific channels via channel invitation code. How to install Roku private channels? Roku is known for its security. You can’t directly add the Roku private channels. You need the channel access code or invitation code, to add that channels to the list. You can refer to the table available at the middle of this post for the list of channel access codes. Here in this tutorial, we will go through the steps to install Nowhere TV. Its one of the best and most used Private channel.

Go to the Roku official site and select My account. Now sign in to your existing Roku account. Now select add channel with a code under manage account. In the add channel pop up, enter the unique code to add the channel. Since these are private channels, Roku will throw a warning. Now it will ask for confirmation. It will take 24 hours to for the channel to show up on your Roku. These are the steps to add Roku private channels.

There are a lot of private channels. You may refer to the table to find the best Roku Private channels of your taste. Watching these Roku private channels are quite risky as they are streamed through the secret codes. Roku doesn’t support such channels officially. So it is your responsibility to watch these channels anonymously. You can ensure your anonymity by using a VPN service. Using VPN will mask your IP Address and replace it with a dummy IP address. By this way, you can safely stream the Roku private channels without being tracked by anyone. With that being said, some of the private channels are geo-restricted to a particular country.

So in that case, you can use VPN to stream those channels using that country IP. So a VPN is a 2 in 1 benefit. Best Roku Private Channels Here in this section, we will provide the list of private of the best private channels for Roku with channel unique code or invitation code. With this code, you can add the channel to your Roku account. The procedure is same for every channel. Now let’s take a look at private channel list. This is one of the all in one best private channels.

add bonus gift codes

add bonus gift codes