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A lawyer by trade, Millar possessed a daunting intellect and an incredibly sharp legal mind. Born in Canada in 1853, he excelled at nearly everything he tried his hand at, reportedly scoring near-perfect marks at university, before settling on studying law. Along with ultimately becoming a highly-respected lawyer, Vance had a keen eye for investments, making him a millionaire in his lifetime- money Vance used to fund his true passion of playing practical jokes. When Millar collapsed of a heart attack on Halloween of 1926 at the age of 73, his final and perhaps greatest practical joke was revealed- his will. A lifelong bachelor, Millar had many friends, but no relatives save for distant cousins and the like- none of which he was well acquainted with. Thus, he decided to bequeath much of the fortune he’d accumulated throughout his life to various humorously chosen people. Jamaican summer house to three lawyers, T. Montgomery, and James Newerson, he knew hated each other, but would now be forced to share a common vacation home. He further bequeathed shares in the catholic owned O’Keefe Brewery to various temperance supporting protestant ministers, so long as they took part in its management. Millar similarly left shares of Kenilworth Jockey Club to three men, including Reverend Samuel D. Raney, who were against horse racing. Millar’s will stipulated that all three men had to become members of the club to be eligible to claim the shares.

We’re searching for the actual will now. This Will is necessarily uncommon and capricious because I have no dependents or near relations and no duty rests upon me to leave any property at my death and what I do leave is proof of my folly in gathering and retaining more than I required in my lifetime. Almost immediately, distant relatives of Millar’s crawled out of the woodwork to challenge the will, claiming in court that it was so absurd that it couldn’t be taken seriously. The judge presiding over the case, one Justice Middleton disagreed and ruled that the will and its various stipulations were legally sound- an unsurprising twist considering it was personally authored by Millar himself and, being a lawyer, he knew how to craft a will such that it would be iron-clad. This left the courts with the tricky matter of deciding how exactly to define the various terms of Millar’s most unusual request. I think that a child is live born when it proceeds entirely from the mother and becomes a separate living person. This generally is evidenced by the child establishing an independent blood circulation and its ability to breathe. A child born dead is not in truth a child.

It was that which might have been a child. It wasn’t all fun and games though, as Millar’s death happened to mostly coincide with the Great Depression, turning what Millar had originally intended as a playful joke into a matter of life and death for some of the women hoping to claim Millar’s fortune simply to be able to have money to feed said children at all. Yet despite the Great Depression, the value of the remaining assets in Millar’s estate had not only been maintained, but increased upon, with the increase thanks mostly to a seemingly insignificant purchase of land below the Detroit river. Detroit-Windsor tunnel, which today is the second most trafficked crossing between Canada and the U. When the time came to find out who’d actually won the remains of Millar’s estate, at least two dozen women in Toronto claimed to have given birth to eight or more babies in the city in the previous decade. Of these women, eight were initially deemed eligible. As for Kenny, of her eleven children, three were stillborn, meaning she missed the mark by one live child. Interestingly enough, Kenny named her youngest child Charles Vance Millar Kenny after the man she thought would be her benefactor before the courts ruled stillborn children didn’t count. As for why Millar is thought to have put this provision in his will at all, it is known that he thought the then taboo of not just birth control, but even the mere discussion of it, was absurd.

The man who smiled from the grave. The Will of Charles Vance Millar and the Stork Derby. Subscribe today to check out our free Daily Knowledge Youtube video series! Oklahoma State scores 37 points in the first half and goes on to beat No. AUSTIN, Texas — Coach Charlie Strong has taken control of the Texas Longhorns’ defense, including playcalling duties. Strong demoted his longtime defensive coordinator, Vance Bedford, on Monday and assumed control of the struggling defense. Bedford will remain on the staff and help coach the secondary. I know this: I’ve done it before. I can see where I can help us,” Strong said.

Sometimes you feel like you need to bring new energy into some of these guys and just hoping this will be a good move for them, which it will be. Texas ranks last in the Big 12 in scoring defense at 38. 3 points per game after giving up more than 47 points in three of its first four games. Strong defended Bedford last week after a 50-43 loss at Cal, but the Longhorns’ defense responded with a 49-31 loss at Oklahoma State on Saturday to open Big 12 conference play. After the loss to Cal, Texas had a bye week, and Strong said he would get more involved with the defense and evaluate his coaching staff. A week later, he backed Bedford and said he didn’t believe staff changes would help. I have a lot of confidence in Vance Bedford, and I know Vance is going to do a good job,” Strong said last week.