Can you bet in new york

can you bet in new york

New York and New York City. It’s all about answering the many of questions that we hear every day. Some of the questions are a snap to answer but others are unique. To make it even more enjoyable, we invite you to email us with anything you would like to know about New York and we’ll do our best to answer and get you going. If you have something that needs more detail or is urgent matter, call us at 212-302-4019.

To make it the most helpful to the greatest number of visitors, we’re going to start with a few of the common as well as not so common questions and then each week we’ll add new questions from visitors and from our own team. Our answers will be as best we know and as up to date as possible but there are no guarantees. We will do our best to be fair and complete. From time to time, the person with the best question or the most interesting or any other reason we can figure out, will receive a gift from us- it could be tickets to a show or tour, or maybe a special lunch or dinner or a special memento of your visit. Where is Rockefeller Center and what can I do there? How do I get to the Statue of Liberty? What are the best ways to get to and from local airports?

Can I take public transportation to the airport? Where can I get cheap Broadway tickets? How much is a Central Park Carriage Ride? Where can I find a drugstore? Where should I go for brunch? Macy’s is in midtown Manhattan, at West 34th Street and in the middle of just about every travelers trip. Macy’s, which bills itself as the World’s Largest Store, is located at West 34th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue. You can walk there easily if you are in Times Square.

When you get there start in the basement, where you can see kitchenware demos and grab a snack, then work your way up the 8 floors. Make sure you see the store within the store by Ralph Lauren. To move between floors, the best bet is to use the escalators if you can. Try to avoid the elevators when it’s busy, they can be very crowded. Macy’s is also world famous for sponsoring the ‘Thanksgiving Day’ parade on the 4th Thursday of November every year. You can’t mention Macy’s without talking about Santaland at Macy’s. If you have kids or grandkids this is a must see from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. Located on the top floor, Santaland is a delight for children. How Do I Get to the Statue of Liberty? Well, up until Hurricane Sandy hit New York, the answer was easy.

You take the City Sights or Grey Line tour or the subway to Whitehall or Bowling Green Station or walk to Battery Park at the tip of Manhattan, go through security after you buy your ticket and take the ferry over to the island. So for now, here are some options. You can take a Circle Line or City Sight harbor cruise that takes you up and around the Statue of Liberty. 3 hours depending on which you choose. Another way to see the Statue of Liberty is to take a dinner cruise on a yachts like: World Yacht, Bateau, or Spirit Cruises. Where is Rockefeller Center and What Can I Do There? Rockefeller Center is located in midtown Manhattan and encompasses an area of several blocks.

can you bet in new york