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Politics: Montenegro and Japan were at war from 1904 to 2006. Montenegro assisted Russia in the Russo-Japanese war but were not present at the signing of the peace treaty in 1905. The countries signed it in 2006 when Montenegro became independent. Concern: Bees seemed to be disappearing due to “colony collapse disorder”. Created in 2000, Blu-Ray discs were made available in 2006. They can contain up to 5 times more information than a DVD. And Disney’s High School Musical was that channel’s most viewed and anticipated program. Branded merchandise included everything from school supplies to toys.

1 billion deal with Yahoo at the age of 22 saying:”I don’t know what I could do with the money. I’d just start another social networking site. I kind of like the one I already have. David Copperfield and two assistants were robbed at gunpoint. The renowned magician was able to employ sleight of hand to conceal his possessions when the thieves turned to him. He was quoted as calling his spontaneous illusion “reverse pickpocketing. Michael Fitzgerald, the first professor of pediatric psychiatry in Ireland to specialize in autism, said, “All human evolution was driven by slightly autistic Asperger’s and autistic people. The human race would still be sitting around in caves chattering to each other if it were not for them. NASCAR’s Allstate 400 had 36 cars start the race, a NASCAR record. Bambi and Bambi II hold the record for the record for the longest gap in between movie sequels, the first being released in 1942, the second being released 64 years later in 2006.

Tunes billionth song was downloaded in February 2006. It was ‘Speed of Sound’ by Coldplay. On the first episode of 30 Rock, after Jack discusses how he developed the Trivection Oven, GE ran an ad during commercial break to make sure the audience knew it was a real product, not something writers made up as a joke for the show. 25 to see the music video of their choice. Music Magazine NME voted Oasis’s Definitely Maybe as the greatest album of all time. Rocky’s pet turtles, Cuff and Link, were the same two turtles. The BBC accidentally filmed a live TV interview with a job applicant due to a waiting room mix-up. After 30 years of sportscasting for ABC Sports, Al Michaels was traded by parent company Disney to NBC Universal for the rights to one of Walt Disney’s first cartoon characters, Oswald the Rabbit.

Tom Hanks was inducted as an honorary member of the Army Ranger Hall of Fame for his portrayal of Captain Miller in the film Saving Private Ryan. Russian cosmonaut hit a golf ball in space for an estimated 2. 2 billion yard drive, during a space walk. There was a movie from 2006 called Zyzzyx Road which starred Katherine Heigl. The first female space tourist was Iranian Anousheh Ansari. 20,000,000 to get onto the International Space Station. Japan’s oldest business, temple builder Kongo Gumi, in operation under the founders’ descendants since AD 578, went out of business in 2006. These years use the same calendars: 2017, 2006, 1995, 1989, 1978, 1967, 1961, 1950, 1939, 1933, and 1922. Corn Pops were originally named “Corn Pops” in 1950, then “Sugar Corn Pops” in 1951, then “Sugar Pops” in 1955 then back to “Sugar Corn Pops” in 1978 and since 1984, “Corn Pops” again, except for a brief time in 2006 when there were just “Pops”. The PS2 version of the arcade game “beatmania” was criticised in 2006 for being a “ripoff of Guitar Hero”.

The beatmania series began in 1997. British woman Joyce Vincent, who died alone in her bedroom in 2003 but wasn’t discovered until 2006. She was found with the television still on and surrounded with wrapped Christmas presents. Fiji water ran an ad saying “The label says Fiji because it’s not bottled in Cleveland”. Cleveland took offense to that and ran some tests – turns out Cleveland’s tap water is better than Fiji’s bottled water. Scientists discovered world’s oldest clam, killing it in the process. Ming the Mollusk” was 507 years old. 88 professors at Duke put out a newspaper ad condemning the alleged rapists and Duke’s culture of white male privilege before the trial had begun. The accused players were found not guilty and the 88 professors never apologized.

georgia lottery ge

georgia lottery ge