Good luck at your exams

good luck at your exams

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Learn how to network, crush interviews, and land your dream job. Build confidence, make friends, budget your money, and more. Wondering how to study for that upcoming exam? This page is full of test-taking strategies, study tips, and other useful resources that will help you along the way. Your exam preparation efforts will be most effective if they’re well-coordinated from the start. This video guides you through the process of creating and maintaining a well-oiled study schedule. This guest post by my friend Tom Miller digs into the process of creating and taking practice quizzes, one of the absolute BEST techniques for mastering content. My first video on preparing for finals.

Covers the Forgetting Curve, where to find practice exams, how to stay motivated, and more. Flash cards are an excellent tool for studying factual information, and this video will help you use them to their fullest possible extent. Learn how to apply spaced repetition techniques and deep focus to master math concepts. Your brain encodes information more efficiently when you add increasingly large intervals of time between your study sessions. This video shows how you can do that, both with paper flash cards and digital tools. While it’s best to avoid procrastination, this video will show you how to finish a large project at the last minute. At some point during your test preparation phase, you’ll probably need to ask a professor for help. The Corson technique is a way to ask more effective questions and make a good impression.

This collection of tips fits into both of the first two categories on this page, but I wanted to feature it first since contains a ton of ideas and content you’ll probably find helpful. A lack of preparation will kill your exam grades faster than anything else, but careless mistakes can easily chip away at them as well. This video will help prime your brain to catch these kinds of mistakes before they happen. Test anxiety can make taking an exam a dreadful experience, but it can also literally block your brain from making connections and remembering information. However, it’s something you can fight. This video gives you several strategies for doing just that. When you’re unsure about an answer you’ve written on a test, research has shown that you should change it. More often than not, people who do this end up being correct.

If you’re going up against a test with a multiple-choice component, check out this article for some strategies for recalling answers, avoiding mistakes, and exploiting statistics to improve your chance of guessing the correct answer when you come across a question and totally draw a blank. Like multiple choice questions, essay questions can be tackled in a strategic way that sets you up for success. This video reminds you that you have a CHOICE of whether or not you succumb to these types of feelings. Here’s a quick, 4-step process to getting the study motivation you need to get to work. You’ll also find some strategies for building long-term motivation. Strong test preparation happens when you’re deeply focused. These strategies will help you get yourself into the flow state, avoid distraction, and maintain concentration. Want to Be Healthier and More Productive? And while the most important part of rest is probably sleep, it’s also vital that you take breaks throughout your workday as well. This article will help you schedule them strategically, use them well, and avoid pitfalls that can turn a break into an extended procrastination binge.

good luck at your exams

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