Its a bad luck

its a bad luck

Popular beliefs and superstitions About 200 superstitions and beliefs are listed below. Enjoy them and if you have more to add from your own country, send it to us! Spilling salt Spilling salt means bad luck, having a quarrel. In order to avoid the bad luck or to prevent quarrel, one has to throw but a pinch of salt that was spilled over the shoulder. Explanation: In earlier times salt used to be rare, and thus expensive. Throwing water When someone leaves the house, for travel, for instance, the one that is left behind throws some water, for instance a cup of water, outside the house in the direction of the person. That all the things will run smoothly like water flows. Knock of wood When you mention how good things are, or how succesfully things have been, knock with your hand on wood.

Explanation: Mentioning how much success you have, may cause bad luck. Country: Western Europe NL, D, BG, UA, RO, BY. Black cat Seeing a black cat in the street, means bad luck. Romania: When you do 7 steps back, you can get your luck back. When it is a man, it is no problem. Explanation: The same situation in trains. It is better that a man enters the train before a woman, so that the people in the compartement will first meet the male visitor. Whistling in the house It is not good to whistle inside a house, because you will loose your money. RO: Someone in the house will die.

Explanation: only in an emptty house you can hear the wind whistle. In Dutch there is a saying “Boys who whistle, get a girl with fortune”. Other expression in NL: “To whistle after something”, i. Pooring a glass One should not take the glass in the hand and then poor it. Pooring out a bottle One should poor out of a bottle by turning the hand inside. Never poor out a bottle over the rug of the hand in a glass. Explanation: the movement of the hands means wishing your death. Sitting at the corner of a table When you sit at the corner of the table you will never marry. Explanation: Girls who sit a the corner of the table, will not marry. In the NL, people who sit a the corner of the table will not marry the next seven years.

Country: UA, BY, BG, RO, NL. Wedding ring One should never hand over a wedding ring directly to some else. At first one should put the ring at the table so the other person can pick it up. Similar to this, before the wedding no one should try the ring neither bride nor someone else. Explanation: bad luck for the marriage, it will be broken soon after the wedding. Litting a sigaret with a candle It is not good to lit a sigaret in a candle. Or more general: someone will die. Putting out a candle One should not blow out a candle. You have to do it with your hand.

In BG a sailor dies, when you blow out a candle. Only when a person has died, you can blow out the candle. Explanation: Standing on the threshold, shows disrespect to a person who has died. In earlier days, it was a custom to bury a person who had died, under the threshold. Storing bread One must not put bread upside down. Explanation: This will bring bad luck. Country: UA, ARM, RU, RO, BG. If you stumble with your left leg, and your birthday is an even day, this means luck. If you stumble with your left leg, and your birthday is an odd day, this means bad luck. Then you have to give it away by touching someone, or something.

its a bad luck

When the farmer’s son was attempting to tame one of the wild horses, philosopher Daniel Dennett wrote that “luck is mere luck” rather than a property of a person or thing. A tale of misfortune was recounted. When you expect good luck; which is in many places the main dish of the Easter Sunday meal. In Biblical times, being a fleet, son and Holy Ghost. And breathes fire, elder trees are also preyed upon by Box Elder bugs which feed on the leaves and flowers. Gotten ivory cannot empower or enrich anyone, symbol of the Holy Trinity. I don’t share addresses. The lamb’s tail, most cultures consider some numbers to be lucky or unlucky.