Lennon the luck of the irish

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You are now on the desktop site. Who Will Perform At The 2019 Grammy Awards? Know the lyrics to any of these songs? If so – or if you notice any other song that’s missing – be the first to submit them! Interactive site for John Lennon fans to come together and learn, educate, and have fun. Chat, boards, library, discography, art, poetry, quiz, and a store. Official site with information on John, his first wife, Cynthia, and son Julian. Being a soccer fan in America is an uphill battle already, but if you support Celtic, then good luck explaining that to the average American.

From all the misconceptions about Celtic to just the lack of knowledge about the sport, it is mightily difficult for the average American to understand a club like Celtic with so much history. It is specifically difficult if you don’t live in one of the major Irish-based cities of America. In my case, it is Kansas City, Missouri. Derby County and Dundee United winger Johnny Russell in Sporting Kansas City. In Kansas City, it is a major struggle to find other Celtic fans. Currently, Kansas City Celtic Supporters Facebook Page has 28 members. 2 Million people, which ranks 29th throughout America. Both of those are streaming services that typically show 1-3 of the bigger matches each round, and neither of them will ever show a match on television. The dodgy Celtic TV isn’t worth the cost for many Americans.

In previous years, GolTV had broadcasting rights to the Scottish Cup, however, the only match they showed live was the final. New York and Philadelphia have multiple that meet for every game. In Kansas City, we’ll meet occasionally to watch the big games, most recently when Celtic visited Ibrox for a kickoff at 6:30 AM Kansas City time. Common Misconceptions Many Americans believe that Celtic FC is based in Ireland rather than Glasgow, Scotland. People usually think you are joking when you tell them that they aren’t based in Ireland. Keltic’, and many times the mispronouncers think they actually know what there talking about. It is a very funny site when that happens. For the Americans who see something with Celtic FC, they often think it is gear of the Boston Celtics of the NBA. When they find out that Celtic FC is a soccer team, they then think that they are still related to the Boston Celtics in some way. New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, etc.

United States is closest to the Glasgow’s time, which is five hours in front of the Eastern Time Zone. Missouri, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, etc. California, Nevada, Oregon, the state of Washington, etc. For the most recent match that kicked off at 5:15 PM Glasgow time, East Coast’s time was 12:15 PM, Central time was at 11:15 AM, and the West Coast is at 9:15 AM. Games against Rangers typically kickoff at 12:00 PM Glasgow time, which is 4:00 AM in California, 6:00 AM in the heart of America, and it is 7:00 AM in New York. Midweek games always kickoff school during the middle of the day, when people are at work or school. This time zone difference is brutal for the people on the West Coast, especially, because the games kickoff at such an early time for them either stay up or wake up to watch. I respond with a Celtic player, they are then clueless and they begin to shower me with questions, and then those questions lead to more questions, and they eventually give up on understanding world football. It is virtually impossible to find someone to talk about Celtic and Scottish football with without going into an Irish or Scottish community.