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Blue Nation Floozies’ of Charli Evans and Jessica Troy take on the red-clad Americans Mia Yim and Santana. Both teams bring plenty of attitude. Referee Amanda Rodriquez has her hands full as the bout opens with a mean-spirited shoving match between Santana and Jessica before a furious exchange of Snapmares, Dropkicks, jawbreakers and Superkicks sets the frantic tone for this bout. Jess takes the worst of it and makes a desperate tag to Charli who runs into an American buzzsaw as Santana and Mia take turns feeding her a high impact diet of DDTs, double team dropkicks and a spinning backfist. The Flooze’ refuse to lose, kicking out of multiple pin attempts. The ring echoes with powerful slams and chaotic screams as both teams ramp up their attacks.

Can Blue Nation find an opening or will the Americans steamroll to victory? Lower Quality Sample to Preview the Action! Link emailed to you within 24 hours. Championship and it’s hers to keep based on performance, win, lose or draw. MJ seems to think a bonus from the same customer entitles her to that very belt, ignoring Kiera’s name being all over it. No Ref is on hand as they lock up and it doesn’t take long before Kiera’s lack of height is being mocked and taken advantage of when a top wristlock results in a hard takedown. Kiera shows off her skills and uses her lack of height to a leverage advantage frustrating MJ into a hard hairpull throw down and tries to put her out with a Headlock that looks awfully close to a choke. Will Kiera regret this show of sportsmanship and manage to keep her belt, win, lose or draw?

SLAMpeg 3598: Su Yung vs Chasyn Rance Chasyn begins this match tempting fate by questioning the strength of Su in particular and women in general, claiming there’s no way the slender brunette could ever defeat him with her ‘non-existent muscles’. It actually looks like he may be able to back up his claims as he slings Su around effortlessly in Powerslams, Backbreakers, Suplexes and more. He tries fighting back with brute strength and another bodyslam or two but Su’s got the scent of blood and she’s not letting go! SLAMpeg 3597: Jessicka Havok vs Leva Leva appears in a Fallout-inspired outfit and Jessicka has got a proposal for her. All Leva has to do is beat The Havok Death Machine in a 2 out of 3 falls match and she wins a videogame of her choosing! And Leva even gets a free shot against Jessicka! Unable to say no to such a wonderful deal, Leva happily accepts the challenge. Even though Jessicka has technically already won, she’s not satisfied until she’s demolished Leva with a trio of stomach crushers, legdrops, a Bearhug, and a Spinebuster. Leva then gets unceremoniously choked out on the ring ropes to end this utter squash match. Sleeper combo and just like that the vet has tied it at one apiece.

April goes right at Amber’s strength attacking her abs of steel with rakes and punches. A long seated Surfboard apparently gives April the 3rd fall but she isn’t satisfied with Amber’s submission, she wants to send a message by taking the Nova Girl’s strength and turning it into a weakness and an Abdominal Stretch with plenty of additional ab abuse does just that! Can the youngster pull it out or does the bet have the last word and flex? SLAMpeg 3595: Niya vs Sin-D Niya and Sin-D exchange armwork and go-behinds as the two grapple for position and advantage in this evenly matched bout. Sin-D finally escapes and ensnares Niya in a Hammerlock, but soon finds herself trapped in a grinding Side Headlock. Sin-D takes the momentum with an eye rake, then tosses Niya into the turnbuckles and delivers numerous shoulder blocks to Niya’s back in the corner. The two struggle for supremacy on the mat, where one wrestler locks on a bodyscissors, then adds a Sleeperhold to put her foe out cold on the canvas for a hard-fought victory. SLAMpeg 3594: Dementia D’Rose vs Sin-D This match between Dementia and Sin-D has an unusual stipulation whereby the referee will administer a 5 count each time a submission is locked on. If no submission is called out within the count, the hold is to be relinquished and the athletes are to resume in a lockup.

The stipulation ends up resulting in a match that features a variety of holds showcasing the combined experience of these seasoned wrestlers. Dementia starts off slow and steady, tying Sin-D up in Full Nelsons and Hammerlocks only to have the smaller wrestler slip out of her grasp. Camel Clutches, chokeholds, Surfboards and other stretches put poor Dementia through the wringer as she struggles to shatter Sin-D’s initiativewith that ten minute time limit all the while ticking down! SLAMpeg 3593: Jayme Jameson vs Tesha Price When you come at the Camel Clutch Queen, you best not miss. Jayme has taken out all challengers to that title so far and next up in line is the audacious Tesha. Guts can only take you so far though, and Tesha soon finds herself being overpowered by the muscular Jayme. SLAMpeg 3592: Rain vs Nathan Cruz Someone should have warned Nathan that messing with the Radiant Rain is bad, baaaaad idea.