Press you luck

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Press Your Luck—and he did it by gaming the system. Larson’s original appearance was aired as two episodes due to the length of his winning streak. Producers initially tried to avoid paying him, since his pattern-memorization might be considered cheating. Eventually, the producers relented, after determining that the official game rules did not prevent a player from reverse-engineering the game patterns. The original Larson shows were aired in June of 1984, then were not seen again in their entirety for almost two decades. GAMING THE GAME SHOW Watch in amazement as the humble Larson goes on a winning streak. Pay particular attention to his focus, and how he often appears to celebrate a victory at the moment he strikes the button, rather than the moment the prize is explained to him—indicating that he knows the pattern, and is happy when he successfully hits the button at the right time. Below, the first episode ends with the player on the left holding his head in his hands.