Quitters never win and winner never quit

Professorial Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Performance, LSE. Director of International Relations at PSE. Co-director of the CEPREMAP Well-Being Observatory. I used to be at DELTA, but now I’m at PSE. I hope that everything is now clear. INRA as a fifth governing body. University Paris 1 to form the Paris School of Economics. To sum up, I am at PSE, which is part of PSE. And to prove it’s true, we have finally moved to a new building, still on the Jourdan campus. PSE may well become part of PSL, and has a new programme called PGSE.

And no, I am not making this up. 30 minute presentation: great practice for conferences! Contact me if you would like to present. The Seventeenth ISQOLS conference will be held in Grenada. Member of the United Nations Well-Being Group. The use of job and life satisfaction data to analyse labour market phenomena. Modelling the utility function: comparisons and habituation. The economic analysis of drug markets and cigarette consumption. Les interactions sociales et l’apprentissage social.

A Full CV in PDF format is here. Job Satisfaction and Gender: Why are Women so Happy at Work? What Really Matters in a Job? Job Quality and Employer Behaviour, Bazen, S. Do People Really Adapt to Marriage? It wasn’t me, It was them! Job Satisfaction and Co-Worker Wages: Status or Signal? The Labour Market in Winter: The State of Working Britain, Wadsworth, J. Will GDP growth increase happiness in developing countries? Measure For Measure: How well do we Measure Development?

Money, Well-Being, and Loss Aversion: Does an Income Loss Have a Greater Effect on Well-Being than an Equivalent Income Gain? Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014, pp. Chapter 13 in the Elsevier Handbook of Income Distribution, Volume 2A, A. Winning Big but Feeling No Better? Chapter 5 in Advances in Happiness Research: A Comparative Perspective, T. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016, pp. Chapter 16 in the Oxford Handbook of Well-Being and Public Policy, M.

New York: Columbia Earth Institute, pp. Four Decades of the Economics of Happiness: Where Next? Does Compulsory Education Really Increase Life Satisfaction? Inha University IBER Working Paper Series No. A new one I made up: At least 16 referee’s reports each for at least 16 different journals. Here are some ideas for Master’s Dissertation Topics. Employment, Unions and Politicians: Presentation1, Presentation2, Document1, Document2. Gender and labour market outcomes: Presentation1, Document1. Co-direction with Geoff Pugh and Nick Adnett. Football results and gossip from the first five divisions in England can be found at soccernet.

quitters never win and winner never quit