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Download or scan the new mobile app for klamathradio right here! Now you can enjoy all your Local News and Talk on KFLS on 102. 5 FM in addition to 1450. Plus, you can now listen to all your favorite sports on The Winner on 106. 5 FM in addition to 1240. Wynne Broadcasting is a proud supporter of our community. Elvis Presley filmed his first Hollywood screen test. Fats Domino signed with ABC-Paramount after his Imperial contract ended. John Lennon was reunited with his father after 17 years. Channel D Audiophile Products are dedicated to the audiophile enthusiast through understanding and preserving the purity of the audio signal through the entire playback stream. Starting in 2006 and continuing the count through 2019, we have mounted and hosted more of our own audiophile trade show demonstration rooms: that is, setting up an audio system, positioning speakers, etc. We were even honored with one of the highest accolades in this very competitive arena: “Best Sound, Cost No Object” by The Absolute Sound at AXPONA 2014 – using bookshelf speakers in a system that cost only a small fraction of the price of some systems at the show.

Sitting behind a desk and cranking out computer code is a cakewalk compared to tackling the challenge of setting up great sounding exhibit rooms despite the unfavorable acoustic environment on the level but difficult playing field of an audiophile trade show, where products are carefully scrutinized by attendees and the audio press alike, and the proof is in the listening. The above list of audio expo demo rooms mounted by Channel D doesn’t count the companies who have chosen to use our products in trade show demos. Pure Music, not because we solicited them or enticed them with a “freebie. Many thanks to the companies who have purchased our products at full retail price to use in their trade show exhibits. Patent US 8,738,163 B2 granted to R. Patent US 8,793,580 B2 granted to R. Patent US 9,389,827 B2 granted to R. 1996 – 2019 Channel D, All Rights Reserved. Seta, ZEPHRR and Pure Music are registered trademarks of Channel D Corporation.

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winner channel